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The American Marketing Association is the largest professional marketing society in America. The AMA leads an unparalleled discussion on marketing excellence. With content coming from unrivaled scholarly journals and award-winning publications, the AMA offers a robust perspective for marketers. No other organization provides more ways for students to connect with the people and resources they need to be successful.

WVU and the American Marketing Association


Marketing News- An AMA Publication

Marketing News

Journal of Marketing- an AMA Publication

Journal of Marketing

The Journal of Public Policy & Marketing- an AMA Publication

Journal of Public Policy & Marketing

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Membership in the AMA connects you to marketers across all specialties to collaborate, network, gain practical experience and empower your career. You’ll get industry knowledge and insights along with everyday resources that will help you in the classroom and beyond.

You can take advantage of all that the AMA has to offer for only $65 a year.

1: AMA Professional Membership (1st Year FREE)

Graduating members will receive an offer from the AMA for a free year of Young Professional Membership (link) from the AMA. Remember to update your member profile on with a non-edu email address to guarantee that you’ll receive this free offer from the AMA.

2: Member-Only Content

Collegiate members have access to all member-only content on, including the AMA College2Career Resources (link) that provides students and young professionals with the resources (webcasts, podcasts, articles, whitepapers, etc.) that are critical in making a successful transition from life as a college student to life as a productive marketing. There is also a member-only AMA job board (link).

In addition, explore the career management resources to assist marketing graduates entering the workforce or searching for internships. Search AMA’s popular student job board for an internship or find career advice in our Ask the Expert series.

3: International Collegiate Conference (and Case Competition)

The annual International Collegiate Conference is designed to provide the ultimate marketing experience, delivering advanced knowledge, leading edge practices and networking opportunities. Over 1,000 of the best and brightest undergraduate marketing students gather for three days of learning, networking, competition and fun at this annual event.

The annual awards and case competitions allow students to gain real world marketing experience and the chance for recognition by industry leaders.  Chapter teams tackle a real life marketing challenge from a corporate sponsor and are rewarded for the best ideas, research and plans.

4: Marketing News and the Collegiate E-newsletter

Marketing News is the official publication of the American Marketing Association and online access is included with your AMA Collegiate membership. The Collegiate Connection newsletter features articles from recent college graduates, industry updates, career development information and tips on chapter management.

5: Resume Builder

Being a member of the American Marketing Association and participating in your local collegiate chapter is a unique opportunity to manage finances, people, projects, and deadlines-all skills you will need as a marketing professional. WVU uniquely offers its members a variety of professional certificates as well!  

6: Competitions (Local, Regional, and National)

Each year AMA holds several competitions for our collegiate members. The competitions are designed to further your professional development by providing real world experience. Have fun while enhancing your resume!

7: Networking 

We have a partnership with the AMA Professional Chapter in Pittsburgh (link). We have departmental support to travel to Pittsburgh (i.e., as a group) to participate in Pittsburgh’s AMA events. You’ll be able to meet marketers in the area who want to mentor and support college students. You’ll be able to grow and develop your professional network as well.

8: Prestige

AMA is the leading marketing organization… ever! It’s also one of the largest professional associations in the world! There are collegiate, professional, and academic members. There are 390 affiliated collegiate chapters and more than 10,000 student members.

  AMA's Honor Society- Alpha Mu Alpha

9: Honors Society (Alpha Mu Alpha)         

If you are a senior marketing major with a minimum overall G.P.A. of 3.25, you may be eligible for membership into Alpha Mu Alpha- a nationally acclaimed and leading honors society for marketing students (AMA members, only). Alpha Mu Alpha inductees graduate with a special pin, cords for your regalia, and receive a certificate from the American Marketing Association.

10: Scholarships

Membership is open to all! For those considering an AMA membership and would like to seek a scholarship to cover member dues, please apply for one of our Membership Scholarship. We offer two scholarships that cover the full membership fee and two scholarships that cover half of the membership fee each academic year. Find out more info here

11: Weekly Perks

Every week, AMA members get access to a new perk like a training video, toolkit or exclusive content. Many of these are available for a limited time or are special partnerships, so make sure to take advantage of these benefits when you see them here. Examples include a marketing comm budget template, free email marketing on-demand training, a market research report template, and free digital marketing strategy on-demand training.


Through the Citizenship Point System, WVU's chapter of the American Marketing Association seeks to maximize student preparation for professional positions within the practice of Marketing. The Citizenship Program stimulates student development and assimilation into the marketing industry by promoting opportunities such as professional development, mentoring, career preparation and networking with other students and Marketing professionals. 

Citizenship Points System: Gold 1,000+, Silver 500-999, Bronze 250-499, Reglar 00-249

Points Breakout

10 POINTS = Complete a Feedback Survey

30 POINTS = Write a blog post for WVU-AMA

50 POINTS = AMA Membership after October

100 POINTS = AMA Membership August - October

100 POINTS = Monthly Meeting Attendance

150 POINTS = Event Attendance

150 POINTS = Workshop Attendance

150 POINTS = Attend Local (Morgantown) Conference/ Case Competitions

200 POINTS = Attend Regional (Pittsburgh) Conference/ Case Competitions

300 POINTS = Attend National (New Orleans) Conference

Members with the most points at the time of an off-campus event (e.g., the international collegiate conference) will get the largest percentage of funds raised earlier in the year for that event (i.e., to pay for conference registration and/or travel expenses). If you are a Gold or Silver AMA member, you're likely to get most (or all) of your trip paid for! 

Gold Status = 1,000 points (or more)

Silver Status = 500 - 999 points

Bronze Status = 250 -499 points

Regular Status = Less than 250 points