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Perhaps you're new to the American Marketing Association (AMA) and you have a few questions. Our FAQs page will help answer the most frequent questions we receive about WVU AMA membership (specifically) and AMA membership (in general).

WVU and the American Marketing Association


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WVU Membership-Specific Questions

1) What is WVU AMA? 
The West Virginia University American Marketing Association (AMA) is a collegiate chapter of the national organization dedicated to educating students about the marketing industry, providing students with opportunities to engage with professionals, and giving them access to various resources that will aid them in their journey in becoming a full time marketer. Here's a list of our Top Ten Benefits of AMA membership! 

2) Is it too late to join?
No! While we encourage students to join as early in the semester as possible (i.e., to maximize points and benefits given only to members), it's  never too late to join. WVU AMA is always admitting members. In order to become an official AMA member, membership dues ($65 total) are required ($50 for National AMA and $15 for our local chapter).   AMA Application Form 

Square Payment for AMA Membership
3) How can I pay? 
WVU's AMA chapter has a Square business account. You can use any of the major credit cards to pay for membership. We'll have a Square card reader available at any meeting or event. You're also welcome to pay with cash (exact change, please) or with a check made payable to "WVU AMA"

4) How long does membership last?
Membership lasts one year from the semester you become a member.

5) Can I join even if I can't attend the meetings? 
Definitely! WVU AMA holds several events throughout each semester to allow our members to not only listen to guest speaker events but attend socials to mingle with professionals and other student chapters while learning about AMAzing corporations and how they succeed in a fast-growing economy.

6) What if I'm not a marketing major? 
All business and non-business majors are welcome! Freshmen - Seniors AND graduate students are welcome to join as well. 

7) What if I'm graduating? 
Upon graduating you are no longer a collegiate member but your National student membership will continue until it expires (a year from its purchase date). Plus, you get your first year as a Professional AMA member for free! 

8) I'm interested in becoming an AMA member, but I don't think I can afford the $65 fee. Do you offer any membership scholarships? 
Yes! Each year, we offer two full scholarships ($65) and two half scholarships ($35). We definitely want to help any WVU student with interest in joining become a member. There is more info on our Scholarships page. 

9) How can I participate in regional and/or national AMA events if I can't afford it? 
The sooner you're an AMA member, the better. Our WVU AMA chapter utilizes a point-based system. For example, each meeting or event you attend will help you earn points. Members with the most points at the time of an off-campus event (e.g., the international collegiate conference) will get the largest percentage of funds raised earlier in the year for that event (i.e., to pay for conference registration and/or travel expenses). If you are an AMA member with a lot of points, you're likely to get most (or all) of your trip paid for! 

10) Who do I contact if I want more information?
You're welcome to contact our AMA President, Ray Meyer (, our VP of Communications, Juliana Buchinsky (, or our Faculty Advisor, Dr. Laurel Cook (

General AMA Membership Questions

1) How long does National Membership last?
National membership lasts a year from its purchase date.

2) Can you tell me more about AMA's leadership? 
The AMA Board of Directors is an important governance mechanism of the American Marketing Association.  The primary role of the AMA Board of Directors is to provide strategic guidance, direction and advice for the association and to provide fiduciary oversight to protect the business property of the association.

3) Can I attend Regional and National/International Conferences?
Yes! Listen to guest speakers and mingle with professionals and other student chapters while learning about AMAzing corporations and how they succeed in a fast-growing economy.

4) How do I stay in the loop?
The Collegiate Connection newsletter features articles from recent college graduates, industry updates, career development information and tips on chapter management.

5) Is the AMA part of something BIG? 
Absolutely! AMA is the leading marketing organization… ever! It’s also one of the largest professional associations in the world! There are collegiate, professional, and academic members. There are more than 300 affiliated collegiate chapters and more than 10,000 student members.