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AMA's Executive Board

WVU and the American Marketing Association


AMA 2020-21 President, Becky Giordano    
PRESIDENT: Becky Giordano LinkedIn Profile |  Resume
The President is in charge of chapter coordination, planning, and recording. S /he also works closely with the faculty advisor and the Executive Board. 

Mikayla Hill    

VICE PRESIDENT:  Mikayla Hill  LinkedIn Profile |  Resume   
The Vice President assists the president with coordination and planning, assisting other Executive Board members as needed. 

Grace Clothier, AMA President-Elect
PRESIDENT-ELECT:  Grace Clothier LinkedIn Profile
The President-Elect will serve as AMA President the next year. The president-elect works with the VP to assist the President and eBoard.  

Icon- VP Fundraising 

The VP of Fundraising is in charge of updating sponsorship packet. coordinating the acquisition of chapter sponsors, and working with the VP of Events to create AMA events (i.e., used to raise funds for AMA). 

Olivia Foden- VP Digital Marketing
VP DIGITAL MARKETING:  Olivia Foden LinkedIn Profile |  Resume 
The VP of Digital Marketing is in charge of curating online content and social media messages to be shared with chapter members. S/he maintains a presence on Twitter and other SMM channels (& may enlist the assistance of other chapter members to be in charge of a single SM platform).
Philanthropy Chair, Jake Farris 
PHILANTHROPY CHAIR: Jake Farris LinkedIn Profile |  Resume
The Philanthropy Chair plans, schedules, and executes the chapter's philanthropic events. S/he ensures chapter participation in other organizations' philanthropies and fundraisers. S/he promotes and ensures a safe and respectful environment for all philanthropic activities.
AMA Creative Director, Mitchell Sinicropi    
CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Mitchell Sinicropi LinkedIn Profile |  Resume
Our AMA Creative Director is primarily responsible for designing, and printing all graphics materials for the chapter, including bi-weekly posters, chapter plan, and annual report. S/he also documents chapter events through appropriate medium (e.g., film) and publishes a Social Impact Video to compete at ICC. 

Luke Weir- VP Events 

VP EVENTS:  Luke Weir LinkedIn Profile |  Resume

VP Events is responsible for planning and executing AMA & co-branded events at WVU. This year, we are planning on a formal (or panquet "party banquet") to raise money (etc). VP Events plays an integral role in planning each AMA event (following WVU B&E guidelines) and logistics (e.g., space rentals, food). S/he also coordinates speakers, workshops, webinars, etc. for each AMA monthly meeting as they align with overall Chapter initiatives. 

Deanna Crumm

VP COMMUNICATIONS: Deanna Crumm LinkedIn Profile |  Resume

VP Communications  leads our e-mail marketing campaigns. Generally, there will be an AMA e-mail campaign each month that AMA meets. The e-mail communication is designed to be personalized with highly engaging content. Communication about our meetings and events will need to occur at least one week before an event (or meeting) takes place.  

Courtney Mancone, VP Finance

VP FINANCE: Courtney Mancone LinkedIn Profile 

VP Finance  manages our business bank accounts and all incoming/outgoing deposits & spending. This position also manages our AMA scholarships- designed to help even more  people become AMA members.  

Professional Development Chair, Victoria McDonald 

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT:   Victoria McDonald LinkedIn Profile

The Professional Development co-chairs work with the B&E’s Career Development Center to lead (or sponsor) resume-building events, digital marketing workshops, et cetera.  

Connor Kraus, AMA Chair

AMA CHAIR:  Connor Kraus LinkedIn Profile

The AMA Chair is WVU's liaison with AMA National Headquarters (Chicago, IL). To stay eligible as a collegiate AMA chapter, we are responsible for completing two documents each year- a ‘Chapter Plan’ (Fall) and an ‘Annual Report’ (Spring). These documents are evaluated by Headquarters and are eligible for regional and national awards.   

Tim Shaw, VP Student Outreach

VP STUDENT OUTREACH: Tim Shaw LinkedIn Profile

The VP of Student Outreach at WVU focuses on student engagement with AMA. It's not enough for marketing students to graduate with only a degree- involvement in marketing events and organizations is a must! As a result, this VP helps our B&E marketers to become more involved with AMA events, internships, and non-class experiences. This person helps promote AMA by talking to large lecture classes, student org fairs, and by connecting directly with AMA members. 

Dr. Laurel Aynne Cook- AMA Faculty Advisor

FACULTY ADVISOR: Dr. Laurel Aynne Cook  |  Associate Professor of Marketing

Dr. Cook is beginning her 7th year at WVU and her 4th year as the faculty advisor for WVU's AMA Chapter. Dr. Cook is a passionate teacher, enthusiastic AMA supporter, and active researcher. She currently teaches Consumer Behavior (MKTG-315) in the fall and Online Marketing Analytics (AKA Digital Marketing; MKTG-389) in the spring.  

Her research has recently been published in the  Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, the Journal of Services Marketing, the Journal of Consumer Marketing, the Journal of Marketing Education, the  Journal of Consumer Affairs, and in the  Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, among others. As most of her research concerns a number of social issues, she is interested in identifying substantive issues that concern consumer and firm behavior. Guided by her professional experience with a Fortune 500 company and her doctoral training, Dr. Cook uses a variety of approaches to address the following three primary streams of research: (1) health and financial well-being; (2) consumer collaboration and competition; and (3) social responsibility. She has presented her work at more than 20 refereed national and international conferences. 

Prior to pursuing a doctoral degree, Dr. Cook worked for 6-1/2 years as a brand manager with Black & Decker. She worked specifically with the Porter-Cable and Delta Machinery brands, and was heavily involved in coordinating product launches and national marketing campaigns. Her experience with Black & Decker garnered a unique manufacturing perspective and global exposure to many industries.